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8 Ball Pool

I play this time to time now since the update with the Cue power up system :roll:

I did make a thread about this before a while ago now tho



  • Nitemare-rexx
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    edited January 2015
    I used to love that game. I stopped playing when they added the energy system, also diddent like the fact the expensive cues I baught became the crappy ones and the classic cue I accidently baught with premium currency was worse than the standard cue. I did not like that the game was no longer fair and gave the rich in RL a playing edge it used to be mostly fair with visual purchases and stupid poweups immediately uninstalled and wrote a bad review when that update came.
  • Jblue8298
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    edited January 2015
    I played it in GTA IV

    but that's probably not what you mean :lol:
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