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Inventory idea

Remy3000 wrote:
I don't know if anyone's had this idea yet, but I'd like to see the developers give us the option to create and label our own storage boxes within the inventory. That way when I store all of my Christmas items I can put them into a box together and not have to scroll through them all the rest of the year. And when I have items I plan on using later like trees, bushes, parking lots etc., I can put them into a box together for when I decorate. I could also make another box for items I have but can't use, like the second lemon tree or stonecutter skins for characters I don't have. I think this would be pretty easy for the game devs to do.

Kind of like, a folder organization system on the computer? Or an item storage system you have at home, only digital?

Sounds like a great plan.

I suspect I won't have Ralph for a while.


  • mattruns84
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    edited January 2015
    I like this idea, especially the part about creating a folder just for things I don't want, but can't get rid of or things that go to other things I don't have (i.e. Lard Lad Christmas skin).
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