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Disappearing and Reappearing Friend!

One of my friends keeps disappearing and reappearing from my friends list. It is actually my husband. If I don't visit his Springfield for a day or two, he disappears from my friends list. The only way he will reappear is if he visits my Springfield. It doesn't give me his name or a screen name for him when he visits either. It will alert me that "FRIEND has visited your Springfield!" Once he has visited my Springfield and I look at my friends list, it will show him on my friends list with his name. When I am collecting the friend points from his visit, it will show me his name as well.

I don't know if this makes a difference, but he logs in with his Facebook info and I am logging in through Origins. All of my other friends are there and stay there. It is only my husband that ghosts in and out. The funny thing is, while this is happening to me, I am always on his list. I don't disappear and reappear like he does from my list. Weird, huh? Has anyone else had this happen? Is there anyway to resolve it or should I contact EA directly?
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