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All Stonecutter Tasks Locked

Actually replying to my own message...just thought of something and went to check it out. It appears that my "Number One" is now no longer to be found. This latest update seems to have deleted him and in essence, locked all of my other Stonecutters out of their tasks. When I look under the Census, I still see Number 51 (little alien) but no Number One.

Even stranger, when I look at the locked tasks it says "Requires Building" even though the lodge is sitting where it's always been. When I click on it though, it says "Keeping Secrets - Ready in 6d 23h". 6/7 days? My Reward says 1500 cash and 150 XP so it looks like the game now thinks my lodge isn't built at all.

I could try to put it in inventory but with some people having issues with the game "deleting" things I'm afraid to even go that route.


  • jippy6048
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    edited January 2015
    Having the same issue with several buildings including stonecutters lodge. I did store the building then replaced it, but didn't solve the problem. :(
  • nicolab70
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    edited January 2015
    I am also having the same problem with the stone cutters lodge and several other buildings. i haven't been able to collect anothing from several buildings today. The SC lodge is saying 6d 23hrs till its ready for reward. My No.1 is also missing. Definitely no working righ since update
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