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More land or ability to turn buildings/items 360 degrees?

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I thought this was a good discussion idea so I am bumping my own thread...


  • AJtheboss1
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    edited January 2015
    I think I'd like more land before having the ability to turn buildings 360 degrees.

    Turning the buildings in a full circle would be more useful if we could actually rotate the entire map. Since we can't do that, it ain't that bit of a necessity.
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  • Deadshot_DCU
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    edited January 2015
    More land is more of a priority. I don't really care about the whole 360 rotation. We have the ability to rotate 360 on certain items like fences which is good enough for me.
  • adammeadeisd
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    edited January 2015
    I know it's been said to death
    more land.
  • blackgryphon9999
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    edited January 2015
    360 degree turning would double the amount of storage needed for each item. IMO, more land so we can have more stuff is much more important.
  • bretro85
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    edited January 2015
    360 for sure!
    I have more than enough land for me. If I could do 360 for more than just fences, my town would have so much more potential. I hate that I can only face my benches 2 ways.
  • kellinadyer
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    edited January 2015
    Hmmmm, interesting proposal....

    As much and as desperatly as I need more land, I think I'd like to try 360 rotation to see if that could make a difference. It would also make some of my strip malls look a bit less ridiculous if I could have them point a different way.
  • suetopia
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    edited January 2015
    At this point in time, I think the land issue is a bit more pressing, so I voted more land.

    That being said, being able to rotate the buildings 360 degrees would also be fantastic. It was a tough decision.
  • maryclaire1
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    edited January 2015
    I'd like to see 360 rotation for vehicles. I have a few more plots of land to purchase so I'm ok for now but soon, very soon I will be asking for land like everyone else.
  • HappyGamer73
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    edited January 2015
    Personally, I don't need more land yet. However, if it was a choice between turning and getting more land at some point in the future, I think I'd rather have the option of getting more land later. Would still be nice to turn at least some of the buildings, though, like the houses.
  • ephphoneapps
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    edited January 2015
    360 would look awful.
  • redwagonner
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    edited January 2015
    more land would be great; however, that really doesn't seem likely in the immediate future. a (partial) fix could be to reduce the number of buildings/items needed to maintain a 5 star rating. put another way: if ea reduced the number of houses needed to maintain a perfect indolence rating, then this freed up space could be used instead of adding land. i also think the premium buildings should be replacing standard buildings at a higher rate, i. e. crazy cat lady's house should equal 5 blue houses instead of 3.
  • fuffazzoni
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    edited January 2015
    None. More land makes our games laggy, and 360° DOUBLES the size of the game data. Imagine the amount of threads about "insufficient storage data on my device".

    My priorities are fixes for the little bugs (e.g. brick and concrete walls, store the mutant rabbit), permanent tasks for BDH and sequel stop, and alternate tasks for joint-taskers (the amount of joint tasks requiring Homer is ridiculous).

    Edit: and more paths (dirt, mud, gravel)
  • velinadelinis
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    edited January 2015
    Land is definitely a priority and would probably be lighter in the programming.
  • Zozobras
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    edited January 2015
    Some of us, the greedy ones would like both more land and the 350 degree.
    And why not? asking never hurts.
  • Zacabeb
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    edited January 2015
    Remember that 360° rotation of the whole area would make trompe-l'œil illusions impossible. No more placing hedges or fences to fake terrain. :)

    But 90° rotation would be cool.

    360° rotation of buildings I guess might turn out a disappointment since so many of them would lose their identity.
  • tigger2go
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    edited January 2015
    I'll say land, but it's just the tip of the iceberg. :P
  • OrdealByFire
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    edited January 2015
    I'll pass on 360.

    I'd have to redesign my entire Springfield.
  • Raven_Darkstorm
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    edited January 2015
    There are some things like the generic houses I would like to be able to turn to face back to back with other houses so it's like neighborhoods. I'm sure if I put my mind to it there are other buildings as well. But at this time the generic houses are a must for that. The rest can come later. And I can't choose between the two even though I don't need more land I know it is one of the biggest requests so I put my support out there for that too. I'm still working towards having all the land opened up. And working out ideas for layout as I go. I have reached the end of the current content now and so there is very little I don't already have. I do need to buy more land to place the remaining ideas and remove the temporary clutter of recent events to a designed and designated area. Which reinforces my preference of houses rotating all 4 facings to happen first. I'm always coming up with new ideas and making small changes to where things are placed as I expand with new land.
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