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Piper's Springfield [following the guide]

Wow you're of to a fine start. :-) You don't have to worry about taking up room on my thread. It is very open to other ideas, but I will be sure to link to this thread in my next update, for people who want to follow along with your progress. Its great to see somebody making the guide from the ground up, with pictures on how to do so. :thumbup:

I noticed you're putting in the roads first and then the buildings. That will definitely be a lot harder to manage on the other half of the town, but I will be interested to see how you handle it.


  • cdepast
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    looking good. Good luck!
  • sandwedgeking
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    Have fun Piper!

    If you wouldn't mind a tiny suggestion - when taking your screen shots, wait until the "Heads-up" display goes away before capping. That way your money/donut count doesn't get in the way of your awesome designs! :D
    Stuff and Things - Designs by SWK
  • PiperWyatt
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    Tanks all :)

    I have already replace some of the roads, depending on how much room I have/need, but I try to keep it as 'clean' as possible xD

    That being said, I have placed/building fort fragg, cletus farm, christmas village, camp grounds, calmwood, fat Tony's compound and the stonecutters lounge but i cant place the pics because I'm not home xD but theyll be up tomorrow! :)

    And ill keep in mind to wait a bit till the menu fades away :)


    So here are the pics :)
    Fort Fragg: i stole Bravewall design here. Unfortunately I do not own Volacano Lair, so this'll have to do :)

    As you can see, Ford Fragg needed to be under the road and cletus' farm above it, but since i gad enough space above THE road (and lack of space below the road) i decided to devide it differently. NExt up is cletus farm.

    Then we have -once again- a road, with the Christmas Village and the dam (which i previously Said i stole :) )I have loads more christmas object from last event but i just simply could not fit it in and make it look good. I threw in the iron tree because it generates money and the other ones because it looks awesome.

    Above the road there is the camping grounds. I do not have the Krusty Camp, so i build my own camp. I threw in de beer tree because on camp, everybody like beer, right? :)

    Next to the dam we have Calmwood mental hospital. I personally really like how its turned out. I put colored trees in it because theyre 'insane' and could see those things. The bloodmobile as An ambulance because i dont have the 'real' ambulance.

    Next to CMH we have Fat Tony's compound and below that the stonecutters lodge. Due to lack of space i couldnt make it great or Nice :(
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  • PiperWyatt
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    And yesterday evening I build my nucleair power plant, but I'm not sure if I'm happy with it ;/.


    Anyway most of the easy stuff is done, now onto THE hard, cramped places.
  • mrsoctober12
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    Great job Piper! :thumbup:
  • sandwedgeking
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    Looking great so far! I like the nuclear plant area. :D You can always come back and tweak if you choose to, but keep moving forward and sharing! :thumbup:
    Stuff and Things - Designs by SWK
  • PiperWyatt
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    edited January 2015
    Thanks :)
    Oh and in case it wasnt clear: i dont design the buildings as they are in the show and i dont have a lot of the premium buildings.

    And now for the update/rant :) I'm at the point where I'm wondering why I (wanted to) do this. I have allowed buildings and their design to go outside their grid a bit because I want my town to look nice. But I'm at a point where there are too many buildings in too Little a space. I think Bravewall can relate! So i need your help!

    Do I
    A) just place the buildings where they are supposed to be w/o a design
    B) place some buildings elswhere to make a good design?

    I Will post my pics now, so you'll understand :p

    This was easy; the lemon tree and Honest Johns.

    Then it becomes more difficult with THE Java server and THE two appartment buildings. (I dont own apu's).

    The school and Church are next, which is a pain. I seperated them because i did not have enough space.

    Then I did Hermans (not complete yet) and the high school.

    This is a pic of the problem. Those buildings (and a park!)belong in 2 or 3 land expansion. And as it is, with The Church separated, I'm not sure my evergreen terrace Will have enough space.

    I wanted to move Some buildings to THE left, across THE road and river)
  • Bravewall
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    PiperWyatt wrote:
    Thanks :)
    This is a pic of the problem. Those buildings (and a park!)belong in 2 or 3 land expansion. And as it is, with The Church separated, I'm not sure my evergreen terrace Will have enough space.

    I wanted to move Some buildings to THE left, across THE road and river)
    Yep, that is without a doubt the most congested area in the guide.
  • PiperWyatt
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    edited January 2015
    With some cheating and replacing (and moving the east road 2 or 3 spaces) (and peeping in Bravewalls threath) i managed to fit it in and look somewhat decent, altough i'm nowhere near done. My batterty is dying though, so pics are for later! :)

    Miljaar. (Dutch swear word xD) another strip of land which I cant buy! That wouldnt be that bad, no its awesome! Except, now i have to revisit everything and make a new guide plan xD (Well at least now it isnt that bad that some buildings arent into place.)
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  • PiperWyatt
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    So here are the pictures I promised. I did not do anything else because I first need to make a new grid and figure out what I need to move. I did pop out all my remaining buildings to optimize my income.

    I changed my church, school and herman area a bit. The community center is supposed to stand next to the church.

    Next up, i decided to place the crowded area. Altough it isnt 100% accurate with the guide, i like it.
    I onlt decorated that area before the land Arrived.

    And last but not least, evergreen terrace.
    First up is the road with the retirement place, and a few premium shops i dont have.

    And then the houses.
  • PiperWyatt
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    edited February 2015
    A Little update, ive done Some work the past days but neglected to update, so forgive me :) please note that placement is close, but not perfect!

    So here we go :)
    On the left of the town hall we have a simple placement of skips diner and Android dungeon shop :)

    Then we have, ofcourse, town hall with the Jebedaiah statue.

    Some more to the right we have the DMV.

    To his right we have Krustys, noiseland arcade (with a bumpercarspot!) and ironically the unemployed center. So after visiting that, people can go eat and play their sorrows away :)

    You guessed it! The Kwik E Mart is to the right again!

    I had a dead spot in which I put a FleetAPeeta.

    And then we had another puzzle. Greta's kindergarten and thee restaurants had to be on like 2 or 3 spots. I found an other place for de kindergarten, close to where the university need to be (with the powerplant and graveyard). And i decided to place a restaurant road, so their placement from one to another is as close as i could get it. And i kinda like it!

    In between Evergreen Terrace and the Kwik E Mart we have a little block of houses.

    South/west however you interpretate it (below) the Kwik E Mart is the Grocery store. Not completely finished because Some of the pavement around it needs to go (indicates for the checkboard)

    More to towards to sea, there is the spot where the studio's and factorys are. I toyed around with placement since i could not make it fit and it ended up way bigger then i expected. I need opinions on this! How can i improve?! (The junk behind the studio's is supposed to be a storage)

    Then i abandoned that part of town and went all the way to the mountains again. I places Stomach Staples Center to the right of Burns Manor, near the bridge.

    And finally, gretas kindergarten is below that. What do you guys think of this design?

    Ideas and comments are really appreciated!
  • PiperWyatt
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    Here is a little update :) I have decorated a few more places but I will get to them separatly after the Superheroes event. I have put together a little panorama of my current springfield. Yes I have a.. dare I say it? Little housefarm because my funds are REALLY low. It will go at some point though. So the 'East' side of my SF is a complete mess since I stuff everything there that doesnt have a place yet :)

    The squidport isnt decorated either ;)

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