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Artie ziff and marge glitch?

It also says that i still have 24 hours until they are finished.


  • LPNintendoITA
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    edited January 2015
    try storing the ZiffCorp Sign or Moe's Tavern and see if it solves it
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  • dakals99
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    edited January 2015
    That did not work, but thank you for trying to help me.
  • neuroheart
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    edited January 2015
    dakals99 wrote:
    That did not work
    There's no way they're still doing the task if one of them is in storage, unless there's a serious glitch. Probably beyond our means to help you on this forum. Try help.ea.com or answers.ea.com
  • annettemarc
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    edited January 2015
    Same thing happened to me today in my secondary town. Got in there, everyone had completed 12-hours as I had assigned late last night. Except Artie was chasing Marge. I know i had Artie spying on everyone and Wizard Marge doing her magic show last night.

    But saw Artie chasing her. Checked their timer and it had 23 hrs 59 mins to go. Stored ZiffCorp sign with Artie. Marge was left wandering around on her own. Brought Artie back out at the other end of town. He wandered around. Left the town population unassigned, logged out and back in, and there was Artie chasing Marge again.

    I assume that if I leave the ZiffCorp sign in storage, Artie will stay in storage. Didn't bother trying that. But apparently if he's out-of-the-box, he's gonna be chasing poor Marge.

    Also didn't test assigning them to other tasks and then checking back before those tasks completed. I'll try that tomorrow, too. :)

    Poor Marge. (If I think of it tomorrow, I'll assign Marge to her romantic stroll with Homer. Wonder what Artie will do then.)
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  • jae_bazz
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    I had a similar issue with Stupid Sexy Flanders' loosen up task. Every time I logged in, the task has just started. I had to rush the task with donuts to make it stop. :?
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