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City Design

No need to defend yourself I'm not being critical, just curiousity.

When I reached this part, I thought to myself, "Defend myself? Did the OP say that my mother's teeth are so yellow that she just got a job at the movie theater spitting on the popcorn?" But, I didn't have time to go back and reread, in case it did in fact say that.... :mrgreen:

I like for my town to look nice, and not like a junkyard. I like to refer to my underpants as the junkyard, as that's where I keep my... never mind.

Back on topic, I just throw it anywhere.


  • Ningyo42
    1465 posts Member
    edited February 2015
    *Holds up a sword and shield to defend self*

    Oh wait, that was in the other EA game I was playing. My mistake. ;)

    My design is based on putting stuff in the game in what makes sense the most. So, I have neighborhoods, more or less. Stores over here, houses over there and there, run down stuff here, event stuff grouped into areas from that event, and that's basically it. :)

    I don't think you have to worry too much. I say put things where and how you think they look good, and after a while, you'll start to get new ideas, you'll see things others have done, and will create you own ideal for the perfect Springfield.
  • djcenturio629
    101 posts
    edited February 2015
    My main shopping area was pedestrianised.

    I currently have left a gap for the Bachelor Appartments despite being nowhere near ready for them yet.

    There is asection which I am planning o making into a commercial area ie office blocks and factories plus a sports section mingled with the larger supermarkets.

  • Nitemare-rexx
    541 posts
    edited February 2015
    my original springfield is mostly a pig sti, althugh there are meany nice places on it theres way too much crap to just nuke, need mini nukes and other oprions. my alternate springfield is comming out nice but far from complete, it was nuked on xmas btw. after thats done ill eaither just play or make a 3rd alternate springfield. oh and alternate springfield will feature, almost if not all buidings, no house farms, every char, 2 rivers that nicly flow into each other and some brigers (rivers cause lag). a colvisact, i acualy based it on grove street kind of, moes tavern is located where the green bar (forgot acual name) from gta sa. lots of other "special" features that are to be secret exept the few who can see :twisted: .
  • wadebear
    4183 posts Member
    edited February 2015
    90 % of my towns are just 'there's a spot, stick it there'. Of the parts I deliberately designed:

    I have brown house farm in my landing zone for neighbors to tap, with all the fast regenerating builds nearby.

    The West(ish) side of my town has the Squidport and all the buildings where 4 hour tasks take place. 4 hours is my most common task time, so it just makes sense. I don't have to scroll back and forth all over town to tap my thumbs-ups.

    The Easternmost edge is my Blue House farm. I'll move them out farther or purchase more farms to house as I buy more land. To the West of that I've dumped all my buildings and decorations.

    The central area is for new buildings as they become available and I find out more about them.

    My plan to 'evolve' the town is long term and will need a lot more land and Squidport tiles. I'm still dealing with Level 49 (level 47 in my secondary town), so It's gonna be a while...
  • tralfabits
    345 posts Member
    edited February 2015
    For the most part, no rhyme or reason.

    I put the Krustyland bus stop right next to the school because that's what Krusty would do. All day long the kids stare out the windows at the big Krustyland sign, and at night they bug their parents to take them there.

    But other than putting similar buildings near each other -- restaurants with restaurants, castles with castles -- it's a free-for-all.
  • Pinpal00
    995 posts Member
    edited February 2015
    Before Halloween 2013, I started reorganizing my town from high ground at the top of the screen to low ground at the bottom. To save space, I don't decorate individual shops but try to arrange them in interesting ways. I found after a while that I was simply placing them tallest to shortest. In short, high to low, tall to short.

    In essence, my town is arranged like a grade school class photo.
  • thatdonald845
    1617 posts Member
    edited February 2015
    I'd like to rearrange a few areas but am scared to Nuke. Part of my town completely vanished recently and I had to contact EA to have it restored - which they did.

    I aim to make my town reasonably authentic as a model of Springfield - but it's a game so I like to have fun with it too. The last thing I would ever want is for it to look like Other Springfield. Actually that is not strictly true: I WISH I could nuke my town and then have the patience to re-assemble it as an exact replica of Other Springfield just to freak my neighbours out. :shock: :wink:
  • TAGSfan60982
    586 posts
    edited February 2015
    Barry, sorry if I misspoke. I simply meant that I didn't want anybody coming on and apologising for what they'd done or hadn't done in their towns.

    Thanks everybody who has explained about your towns.
  • barryriddl474
    4860 posts Member
    edited February 2015
    Barry, sorry if I misspoke. I simply meant that I didn't want anybody coming on and apologising for what they'd done or hadn't done in their towns.

    Thanks everybody who has explained about your towns.

    You're perfectly fine. My apologies for being silly.
  • roshigoth1
    1601 posts Member
    edited February 2015
    My town is organized into themed "blocks." I have a poor neighborhood, a regular neighborhood, an apartment block, and a mansion district. I have a block that's basically a strip mall, and I have a slightly more "upscale" shopping area. I have a cheap restaurant block and a nice restaurant block. I have an entertainment district with the arcade, wax museum, bowling alley, etc. I also have a red-light district with the strip clubs, bars, casino and race track. I also have a Christmas area, an industrial park, and a big forest off on one edge.

    There are a few blocks that were just sort of tossed together for the moment. I'll probably work on them more when I get a chance. I'm probably going to do some major reorganization after I get the last strip of land.
  • izabellatrix
    1612 posts Member
    edited February 2015
    I'm pretty sure those of us who decorate do it similarly to how you do it. My houses are set up like real neighbourhoods, with fences and trees, etc. My shops and restaurants are in a downtown area, my government buildings are close together, my prison is far away from town and surrounded by trees. Buildings which would need parking in real life have parking. Every town is going to look different, just like all real life towns looks different, but I think those of us who care about it looking good use the same basic guidelines.
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  • moelleb
    30 posts Member
    edited February 2015
    I just nuked and redesigned my town because my old town got boring. With my new design, I wanted there to be a sense of movement and have clearly organized spaces, as if it were a real city. The boardwalk has parking, shopping, and outside play areas for characters to enjoy the beach without being on the pier. My downtown has the airport. red light district, casino, motel, and stadiums to show travelers the "best" the city has to offer. I made a civic city plaza with shops and city hall. The schools are near the houses; and the quality of the school correlates with the quality of the neighborhood. The campsites are in the woods.

    I also tried to add different elevations to my city. For example the main residential area is below the stonecutters lodge, which is up on a hill. The fancy restaurants and private practices are below the tunnels.

    The hardest part of designing though, is leaving enough room for future expansions. :)
  • Pinpal00
    995 posts Member
    edited February 2015
    moelleb wrote:
    I just nuked and redesigned my town because my old town got boring.

    Your Squidport arena with the whale is an obvious highlight. I'm still not tempted to buy a whale, but what you've done deserves to be in Showcase. Okay, I'm a little tempted to buy a whale...
  • ojbee
    113 posts Member
    edited February 2015
    I downloaded TSTO in June 2014 at the end of Stonecutters. For 6 months it was organized for space efficiency...never had any spare change to buy land... now that I am "caught up" and bought some land, I am starting to landscape to minimize scrolling for building payouts (I'm not imaginative). I have grouped them by hrs ;) AND I maintain a small (?) House farm for my neighbors to tap....and keeps my uncreative left brain happy. Simple straight uncluttered rows of buildings in a retangular space...*drool*
  • moelleb
    30 posts Member
    edited February 2015
    Pinpal00 wrote:
    moelleb wrote:
    I just nuked and redesigned my town because my old town got boring.

    Your Squidport arena with the whale is an obvious highlight. I'm still not tempted to buy a whale, but what you've done deserves to be in Showcase. Okay, I'm a little tempted to buy a whale...

    Thank you!

    If you have the donuts get the whale, if not don't sweat it. While it's nice to have variety in the water, it's bulky and can be hard to design around.

    By the way I love your tunnels/trains, and used them as inspiration for my own.
  • efin98
    5856 posts Member
    edited February 2015
    I have been slowly altering my town to be less clumped on one side and more spread out. I have most of the small buisinesses in two rows along the mountains, and when these reached the maximum amount I then moved some along what was once the edge. towards the opposed side.

    I had my houses clumped in one area around the landing zone and had all of the large mansions along the waterfront- not out of choice, just happened to be the only places to put them when I reached their levels.

    When June hit I had to put the Stonecutters in the newly bought strips across the top, just as I had to put the **** stuff along the new strips along the side.

    Now that I have earned both the Sit-N-Rotate and the Fortress of Chocolatude I started to move buildings around to give the character house more space, give the former house farm larger yards and space between buildings, and make an educational area with the three schools and three museums.

    I have thought about creating an upscale dining/shopping area so that's the next move. I have to find a way of incorporating it without putting it out on its own and without having to buy a whole strip of land.
  • 4junk3000
    6834 posts Member
    edited February 2015
    I have neighborhoods.

    Downtown is where the town square is.
    Uptown is where the high rise office buildings are.
    The mall area has the mall of course.
    Springfield Heights is where my upper class homes are, and the medical center.
    The south side is my industrial district.
    Pressboard Estates is the primary residential area.
    The beachfront is where my arcade, putt-putt mountain, Asian massage parlor, and other fun places are.
    Little Italy hosts most things Italian.
    And the rest is rural.

    You can check it out by clicking my Sig link.
    All my designs look unfinished because i can't place as many plants, streetlights, and fences as i would like. PLEASE REMOVE THE LIMIT, EA!
  • fuffazzoni
    627 posts
    edited February 2015
    While I do decorate, and put new buildings in a logical way, I don't have the concept of "zones". When a new building comes, I put it where I find it fits the most, but only out of the available free land. None of the old buildings gets moved, with some rare exceptions. So I don't have a residential area, a shopping area, etc, I just design wherever I find space. Some constants about my designs are the mansions all along the beach, the aspirationals/tall skyscrapers on the north/east side, so they don't cover anything, event zones wherever there's space, but always contained by that particular event's fences, and one of each type of houses, all together in a small residential neighborhood in a corner of the map.
  • devilhunt1449
    3849 posts Member
    edited February 2015
    With my recent rebuild I tried to build my Springfield in what I think would be a normal town design, I've not quite finished tweaking the decoration but believe it's just about finished, well that's what I think, others viewing it may have other ideas lol.
  • patzmcm
    703 posts Member
    edited February 2015
    I started out the way OP has her town organized. Then it got too big :mrgreen: Time for a redesign...
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