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City Design



  • trotmane1
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    edited February 2015
    My baby town, level 22, is based off nesting boxes (think Russian doll). The Simpsons house is at the very center and I've made the roads larger and larger squares around it with buildings in between. I'm not sure how much I love it right now, but I definitely wanted to try it!
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    4junk3000 wrote:
    I have neighborhoods.

    Downtown is where the town square is.
    Uptown is where the high rise office buildings are.
    The mall area has the mall of course.
    Springfield Heights is where my upper class homes are, and the medical center.
    The south side is my industrial district.
    Pressboard Estates is the primary residential area.
    The beachfront is where my arcade, putt-putt mountain, Asian massage parlor, and other fun places are.
    Little Italy hosts most things Italian.
    And the rest is rural.

    You can check it out by clicking my Sig link.

    Pretty amazing actually.

    Ok, so my placement game is nowhere near this. If u guys have room for a new friend then add me. I think im at 75 or something. I need cool Springfield's in my life. :idea: wont copy, just admire :wink:
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    edited February 2015
    I basically do the same thing. I.e. blocks or areas where like things go with like. I aim for a nice flow and try to work with new things as they come. I might readjust an area if I see an upcoming item that would work better, etc.
  • TAGSfan60982
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    edited February 2015
    Thank you everybody ho replied
  • frogger53
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    edited February 2015
    My town goes through periodic reorganizations....especially when they unlock more land and water. Room becomes an issue, at times, to the point where I have to store buildings to free up real estate. I try to group buildings by themes, ie. castles, mansions, regular houses into neighborhoods, stores, etc.
  • mcduck90
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    edited February 2015
    Well at first it was about the available space.

    Long before the first land extension I had all the land so I moved a few things around for grand designs but most of my town was a spur of the moment decision when each update or event hit my town.

    With the first expansion I was able to play around and move some designs a whole square to the right but still nothing major happened.

    A week before the final expansion (for now) I had already nuked my town. Now I have put most of my buildingz according to my favourite episodes.

    After nuking and 6450 decorations and buildings afterwards I’m.... lost. I have to remember again where certain buildings are but I have made sure that there is a meaning behind each placement.

    Episode-buildning-decoration-connection with other buildings. That helped a lot, but it still feels like an inside joke as I doubt that my neighbours have taken the time to really look around. :(
  • hasanmohamma
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    edited February 2015
    My towns design is based on making everything in it look like a very civilized and organized place to be in because when neighbors visit my Springfield that is how I want them to feel like it is. This requires using a lot of roads on my part.

    My towns design idea has been requiring a lot of effort on my part especially when it comes down to having very big and small decorated areas that are in my Springfield. I always make sure my houses have backyards just like a realistic neighborhood.
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