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crashing like mad crazy and gliches.

When you say 'crash' what do you mean exactly?

Is the game freezing?

Are you getting kicked out to the device Home screen?

Or are you getting the Bart screen?

This is what solves all three issues for me most of the time:

Exit the game.

Close the game completely:
For iOS: double tap the home button and swipe the app up off screen (older iOS tap and hold app icon, tap red dash)
For Android: Tap Background Apps button (the square to the right of the Home button) then swipe app off screen.

Do the same for all other apps as well.

Update any apps that need updating. I know this sounds odd, but it seems to help.

Turn off device.

Turn off your wireless router (assuming you have a router)

Turn off your Internet Access Device (Modem). For me that's a satellite modem. Could be a Cable modem, whatever...

Wait 15 to 30 seconds.

Turn on Internet Access Device and let it boot completely.

Turn on router.

Turn on device (I'm using both an iPad 2 and a Nexus 7 to play).

Start game.

If that doesn't work... Try going somewhere else like a library, restaurant, friend's house, etc where they have wifi and try connecting there. A couple of years ago we could get anywhere on the internet - except the Earthlink email portal. It took several weeks of repeatedly contacting Hughsnet customer support before they admitted that the problem was on their end.


  • Nitemare-rexx
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    its an outright crash it closes and has to be reopened, uslayly when u submit a crash report i say what crashed it , IE freezing, lag or "tapped out has stopped working and has to close" but this time outright crash. i tried re installing and all that crap but get same thing.
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