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slight spoiler but important information

So when you pull them out of inventory, they're no longer wrecked?


  • dazzlerbing
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    edited February 2015
    It would appear to be a decoration when placed as it has no payout like a regular brown house...but when you store one it gets added to already stored brown houses....it isn't a skin either. No doubt it will be patched at some point
  • o0zoe
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    edited February 2015
    Also disappears if you accidentally change the skin to christmas
  • maximbarne126
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    edited February 2015
    o0zoe wrote:
    Also disappears if you accidentally change the skin to christmas

    Yeah. That happened to me! :roll:
  • darkfoxinvid
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    edited February 2015
    I had assumed this was Facade for the brown house. I guess I will hold off on buying it until this sorted out.
  • aidx1054
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    edited February 2015
    Sorry but I'm slightly confused, is the wrecked brown house a house that has skins and a payout or is it a decoration like the fever cabin from Christmas.
  • LPNintendoITA
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    edited February 2015
    it's a glitch when it gets destroyed. it appears as a skin. if you go back to the brown house it reverts.
    but if you buy the Wrecked BH in the build menu and store it it stays as wrecked bh
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  • ink19810
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    edited February 2015
    Doesn't make money either
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    edited February 2015
    Don't buy the 'wrecked brown houses' and then store them....
    It just gets stored as a regular brown house but has cost you 50,000 dollars...

    Hopefully this will get sorted for those who like to stockpile these things ( like I do )

    Are you sure you don't just get fallout boy to destroy them again ? I noticed he had a task that requires the brown house but it was blacked out as I already destroyed it. I bet if I put another brown house out he would destroy it with his task again.
  • NuclearPip
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    edited February 2015
    Crap. Bought way too many.
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  • izabellatrix
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    edited February 2015
    Wow, thanks! I'll hold off on buying any until they're fixed, since I often accidentally switch house skins. Or if I need it for a task I'll just buy one and put it somewhere I'm not likely to touch it.
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