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Spoilers!!!!!! The Burns State Prison

Louie, Legs and Fat Tony all have a 16hr "Run Smuggling Operation" task there as well. As far as I can tell it just pays $500 and 125 XP though.


  • crazykid467
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    edited February 2015
    I was hoping you could send everyone at once to go after the Felon...

    It's pretty funny seeing Fruit Bat Man trying to chase him by himself.
  • chippers29775
    930 posts Member
    edited February 2015
    Once you place down the Burns State Prison, a new type of criminal will start spawning: The Felon.
    Felons have health that can be beaten out of them by the vigilantes and Superheroes. When you have taken away all their health, carbon Rods are dropped.

    Right now, the following people can beat up the Felons:
      [li]Pie Man[/li][li]Fallout Boy[/li][li]Plopper[/li][li]Fruitbat Man[/li]

    Thanks for the info OP~! :)
  • Ningyo42
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    edited February 2015
    So I'll have two prisons? Weird... Ok, then. I'm eager to see how it all works when I get it. :)
  • efin98
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    edited February 2015
    Thanks for the heads up!

    And it's even sweeter- it pays 25 rods instead of the 10 you earn for the 4-hour task Fallout Boy currently has...
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