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After new update can't exchange krustyland tickets for cash

My thoughts are that it could be back after the event. It was like the sideshow you would not work during the holidays . I wrote ea and they said because of the new update they shut it off during the event. Maybe that's what happened this time too. It really sucks . Not much point in setting characters in krustyland if you can't get cash for tickets .


  • wadebear
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    edited February 2015
    I just checked on both my devices (iOS and Android) and no, I can't exchange tickets for cash in either one. Oh, wait, the game on the iPad isn't that far along yet...

    Anyway... You can't exchange tickets for cash until Krustyland is complete, so maybe there's something new coming for Krustyland in the event that we'll have to build - which means Krustyland isn't complete any more...
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