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Criminals spawning in town



  • DaoudX
    117 posts Member
    edited February 2015
    I really love this event, but it's a small bummer that we can only get 1 super bonus at chapter 2 and not multiple bonuses like in part I. No matter how many pies one collects...
    I hope, they change that at level 3...
  • patzmcm
    703 posts Member
    edited February 2015
    boldbhoy wrote:
    What I have noticed in the second phase that there seems to be a much smaller number of criminals that give Arbitrarium as well as pies compared to the first phase. Perhaps because you need a lot more to level up your HQ it just seems that there is less around.
    I thought this also - but couldn't decide if there was actually less or it just seemed like it since you are leveling up slower. As you just said :mrgreen:
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