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Is "Superheroes" the Best Event Yet For Free Donuts?



  • bradyc79
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    edited March 2015
    For me personally, this event is no where near the best event for free donuts. Considering the only ways to earn free donuts is from the bonus boxes, then I don't see how this could be considered the best. So far, at least, although there may be some other opportunites before the event ends. But consider some of the other options that people have mentioned, the free donuts from trivia questions in the Halloween events of 2013, the Stonecutters event had a few with tapping on the table and other options, and then this most recent Halloween with shooting down the UFO's. Until something like these bonuses happen, which add a nice little chunk of donuts to the overall total, then I don't see how this could be considered the best event yet. Although it seems like I read one of these threads during every event, so I know how the power of the moment works. There is no better time than the present.

    Anyway, just for me, personally, the best event to earn donuts was Christmas 2012. When we could exchange our Santa Coins for stockings at the end of the event I made over a hundred free donuts alone, plus the free reindeer. The second best event was Halloween 2013, where the prize boxes paid out every 2,000 ghosts popped, and the Burn's circus mystery question, I made over 100 free donuts from that event as well. But that is just my own personal experience.
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