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Which of these premium items is best

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I would probably wait and see if Easter has anything special to offer. :) I don't have the other buildings you asked about though so can't give you any input on those. :(


  • billdoors1533
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    The cracker factory has a quest line as well as giving you Luanne and additional tasks for Kirk you also get the release of Fleet A Pita trucks Duff man is iconic has some good tasks which are animated I would buy the cracker factory first I don't have Volcano Lair so I can't comment on that There will always be new things released and these things will always be around you just have to go with what you want the most
  • suetopia
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    Welcome to posting! :D

    I have all 3 of these and they all have things that make them great. The Volcano layer has a great animation. Hank Scorpio also has 2 really great outdoor tasks (I think it's only two... Someone please correct me if I'm wrong).
    -Test Flame Thrower
    -Fun Run
    Also, he has a tie in quest to the super hero event (I think LP mentions it in the Walkthrough - it's with Dr. Colossus and triggers once you get Death Mountain, I believe - best to check the Walkthrough for details, though).

    It really comes down to what you like the best!

    As for waiting until Easter, as mentioned above the items you have listed will still be there if you want to see what (if anything) is released or re-released. I'm unsure if they will do an actual event/sale/mini event, though - I haven't seen or heard anything about it yet. Wouldn't hurt to wait and see, though :D

  • roshigoth1
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    Most of the others have covered it, but I'll do it too:

    Cracker Factory:
    +Great storyline
    +Premium 8-hour task for Kirk
    +Unlocks Fleet-a-Pita
    +Luann has 3 great outdoor tasks
    +Cheaper than the other two options
    -Kinda Ugly

    Duff Brewery:
    +Duff Man has tons of animated tasks
    +Looks nice, and goes well with lots of other Duff stuff
    -Disappointing questline
    -Most of the animated tasks are the same, just at different places (but the Segway animation is great!)

    Volcano Lair:
    +Two good animated tasks (6 hour and 8 hour)
    +Building looks good and has great animation
    +Hank seems to get a lot of new questlines with events/updates
    -No story on original questline

    All 3 buildings are pretty big. I'm happy with all of them. It's up to you - you really can't go wrong on any of them.
  • tigger2go
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    My vote goes to cracker factory, then you can also get the Pita Fleet van for the Investerettes.
  • grievances98
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    Honestly I would pick whichever one you liked the most from the real TV show. If you care more for visuals of buildings, the Volcano is best, then Duffman, then Cracker (distant third). If the episode where Ms Van Houten dated the gladiator cracked you up though, I would go for Cracker b/c her 24 hr task is great.
  • teo47
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    The Cracker Factory is probably the best value for money since it opens up a premium task for Kirk and also allows the player to build Fleet-a-Pita vans around town and in Krustyland.

    But my personal favorite of the three is the brewery and especially the Duffman character! Almost all of his tasks are outdoors and very fun to watch.
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  • izabellatrix
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    I have the Cracker Factory, but I don't have the other two because I think they're too expensive. 170-175 is probably the most I'd spend for a building/character combo (in theory, obviously if they released a great character I'd have to break that rule), and I don't think Duffman or Hank Scorpio are worth it. Unless you REALLY like the characters. I don't regret getting The Cracker Factory at all, especially since it gives Kirk an 8 hour Premium task.
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  • devilhunt1449
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    I have all three myself but think the best value one is the cracker factory, but maybe wait to see if you fancy anything from the easter stuff assuming that we have something for easter as the cracker factory will still be there.
  • hankscorpio23
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    I got Scorpio longtime ago and he is a good addition to Springfield. (I had to have with my screen name) I've been able to go without Duffman.

    As a reformed freemium player (I've spent $100 on the game in the past and not looking to spend any more), I've saved up about 150 donuts. I'm also wondering what to spend them on. I've been thinking about Luanne for all the reasons the others have discussed.
  • niahunt
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    Many thanks for the replies.

    I may wait to see if there is anything in the Easter event & if not, will buy the Cracker Factory as it seems to be the best value (agreed it is not the most attractive is it :P ).

    Will save up for the other two as I would still like to eventually get them.

    Thanks again.
  • cdepast
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    welcome to the forum! Of the ones listed I woud go with the Cracker Factory. It unlcoks the fleat a pita, has a great quest line and Luann has 3 great visual tasks. That said, I'd wait to see what gets released during the rest of this event and Easter first.
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    I tend to wait for limited time items so if I were you I would wait for Easter.
  • JimJ321
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    niahunt wrote:
    First post on the forum,although I have been reading the information here for quite a while.

    I find it awesome how helpful posters here are so perhaps I can borrow some wisdom about purchasing a new premium item.

    I am considering a building that comes with a character (I do have Plopper for this event).
    My thoughts are divided between the following:

    Volcano Lair
    Cracker Factory
    Duff Brewery

    Or....should I wait for Easter to see what is on offer,as I only have 200 donuts to spend :lol:

    Any input gratefully received :)

    Hello and welcome to the forum. I would agree with the above wise tappers and buy the Cracker Factory. You get Luann, additional tasks for Kirk and also Fleet a Pita. All good things. Again, welcome to the forum and happy tapping!
  • johncolombo
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    welcome to the forum. IMHO I'd go with the volcano lair or duffman. More fun tasks and more interesting buildings. Just a heads up, we don't like the word Easter around here very much.

    In all seriousness, I think Easter will be better this year if we have an easter, we could have whacking day again or some other random event. although we don't talk about whacking day much either now that I'm remembering but it was better than the confusing boxes and baskets of easter.
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  • 22steelpaw
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    The thing that bothers me a bit about the Volcano Lair is that one of the major themes of that episode was that in order for Homer to take up his new job at the Lair, the family had to relocate to a completely different style of town, some considerable distance away.
    I liked the episode a lot, but I'm not sure that I want the Volcano Lair in my Springfield when I know it ought to be somewhere else. The same goes for the Sunsphere.
  • durarararara
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    For better enjoyment of this update, Volcano Lair is my pick. Love the additional storyline involving Dr. Colossus and Hank Scorpio once you get the Death Mountain and you can place the Death Mountain by the Volcano Lair. 8)
  • zsazsaX
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    22steelpaw wrote:
    The thing that bothers me a bit about the Volcano Lair is that one of the major themes of that episode was that in order for Homer to take up his new job at the Lair, the family had to relocate to a completely different style of town, some considerable distance away.
    I liked the episode a lot, but I'm not sure that I want the Volcano Lair in my Springfield when I know it ought to be somewhere else. The same goes for the Sunsphere.

    That's an interesting way to consider which premium items belong in your springfield. I'm noticing that people cite the actual simpsons episode, or they consider what's the best value item or what questlines accompany the character.

    I guess, though it may seem strange, I think about it as if it were really *my* town. I didn't want the cracker factory for how boring and blah it was...and come on, it's a factory. For dryyyy crackers. No thanks. I didn't want the duff brewery either because...and this is strange as well(!) the smokestacks. I'm all for an ice cold beer, don't get me wrong...but living in an industrial town where billows of smoke pour out doesn't appeal to me either. What I did purchase was the volcano lair :) There's just something about it that appeals to me, I like the color, I like the oddness, I like anything 'weird' in my town basically.

    In s sort of imaginative way I try to be really particular about the premium items that go in my town, if not for individuality for saving money! I doubt I want to invest as much money as a completionist, nor do I think I could cram pack that many buildings in an aesthetically pleasing way. Buuuut, that's just my two cents, to each their own :)
  • 4junk3000
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    Duffman thinks the choice is obvious. OH YEAH!!
    Lol seriously I chose the Duff plant because you see it in the opening credits of the show. It's a landmark I had to have and one of the only features I spent $ (a gifted Google play card) to get. But it was in a Gil deal too.

    But the cracker factory has a lot of additional items unlocked once you have it. Tough choice!
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  • niahunt
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    Thanks for the replies.

    I have purchased the Cracker Factory,but will Definately be saving for the other 2.

    I have a spot saved for the Volcano lair next to Death Mountain.
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