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  • Doughal wrote: »
    How do you complete the Marge meets Jaques for brunch? Also senor ding **** ring the door bells has popped up

    Can anyone help how do I start these tasks? They have come up but won't let me start them. Thanks in advance for any help

    Usually you'll have had to complete previous tasks that lead up to this and have the available characters or you won't be able to start it.

    I have Marge and Jaques and it's the first part of The task.
  • Just update to Valentines Day event but there are no quests being offered. Is this a glitch also?
  • Event start 1/23 at 3pm GMT 10 am ET
  • What time does the event finish tomorrow? 3pm GMT?
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  • Willy9292
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    @stevengerber68 you appear to have missed that this is a thread about walkthroughs and guides. Add me requests go in the Addme thread at the top of the forum, wouldn't want people to mistakenly think you were spamming this thread.
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  • I go to the event walk through for this event and it tells me I don't have permission to view it. Is it going to get fixed?
  • @EA_Roger Can you please look at the walkthrough and other posts at the beginning of this thread to make sure they aren't in limbo somewhere Thanks
  • annettemarc
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    Is there a reason this thread was on the second page? I couldn't find it where it usually is.
  • Why did not the Clash of Clones content in this event return?. This event is about games and the Clash of Clones event as well. Does anyone know why there is no content of that event ?.
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