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Why did I bother with Brandine?

I spent an entire year regretting that I didn't buy Brandine during the Valentine's Day 2014, so I didn't hesitate to buy her as soon as she became available this year. When I realized she was needed for the *.Patrick's Day quest, I debated as to whether to spend the 20 donuts to rush her pregnancy to delivery, as I had 54 days left. This morning, I finally decided to spend the donuts, with the rationale that the "young-un" could be put on various tasks and Brandine could begin her 2nd pregnancy sooner.

Much to my dismay, it appears that Dubya has no tasks, he merely wanders the streets like the Snowman or Thanksgiving turkey. I seem to remember something about the Spuckler kids doing tasks during Halloween. Are they only active during special events? If so, I'm disappointed ...
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