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What lvl is your HQs? I currently get 285 ray-guns every 4h from it. It would cost me 2 donuts each 285 ray-guns if I were to rush it.
10.000/285= 35,1 times I would have to rush my HQ to get 10.000 ray-guns. At 2 donuts a rush that would cost 70 donuts to get the remaining 10.000. That is a lot better then having to fork over 270 donuts.
I urge anyone thinking of using donuts to get the Collider to do the math. In most cases it should be cheaper to rush your HQ then buying it off the menu.

EDIT: for those who aren't so good with math, here is the formula for calculating how much it would cost you to get the remaining ray-guns by rushing your HQ:

Donut-cost = (Amont of ray-guns needed) / (Amount of ray-guns you get from HQ) x 2


  • petehd14
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    edited March 2015
    I don't think 270 donuts is worth it. If he comes back to the store in a limited time sale he will be cheaper and you will be kicking yourself.
  • gsb591023
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    edited March 2015
    DJDK -ec -

    Thanks for the tip! I can do it for about 100 donuts AND get the Zenith Times building.
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