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Lost Lvl.18 unplanned reset to Lvl.1 :-(

Same here! :-(


  • worldofwhat
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    edited September 2012
    me too
  • JodiSox
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    edited September 2012
    I was at level 16 or 17. Had just built the church, got the gazebo and the then update hit. It took over 30 minutes and when it finally went through my levels were wiped out. It already had me logged in so I tried logging out and back in. Nada. But it did keep all my friends' Springfields. I've played this game everyday for a month. I'm not starting over but hope this gets resolved.
    At least I'm not the only one. But this really sucks. I feel bad for people that have spent money.
  • sjaakbanaan
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    edited September 2012
    Same problem here! I was level 11 and just bought for €32 on donuts! Then te game was set back to level 1.
    The only thing i think is weird, my iPhone still gives me notices of my old Springfield that things are ready, so i know it's not lost. Jet i can't reach it. I hope EA can set things back! I just bought The duff brewery, frinks lab an Lard and donuts with real life money.
  • dryad2
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    edited September 2012
    I posted on another thread - I also lost my level 17 Springfield. I also spent money in my game. This happened after I downloaded ios6. Does anyone know any remedies that work? And as a last resort had anyone been able to get their money refunded?
  • fjciqyou
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    edited September 2012
    hmm... seems I'm not alone. The only difference is my lvl is 20. It is very heartbreaking.

    And when I have a glimpse on the reply page, the top showed an advertisement. "This game is life-ruiningly fun" I can not agree more with this, just except for "fun"

    Well, enough for complaint, is there any solution or official statement about such disaster?
  • phyxt1
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    edited September 2012
    Seems to be the same lvl 17 went to play and its just stuck on can not connect to server. With the time spent on the game I don't think I would restart to much energy and time invested to do it again and have the same problem happen again
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