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easter update and house prices

Welcome to the Bugs & Issues forum, and Welcome to the latest update.

With today's update there is now a price hike on multiples of buildings you can purchase multiple of. I'm not sure what the cutoff is, but you aren't alone in being POed about it.

I have 20 Brown Houses which are now $8,600 each, but Purple Houses still only cost me $1,400 because I only have 1 of them so far.

I got advance warning yesterday in the Game Discussion Forum and bought 260 Blue Houses. They can now be sold for $54,000 each. Not that I'm going to for a while - I pretty much used up all my cash buying them.

My advice: Keep an eye on the Game Discussion Forum. You can learn a lot there.


  • tsgrbart437
    14 posts Member
    edited April 2015
    Thanks for the info.

    I thought it was an april fools joke..

    My issue now is, Simpsons can no longer claim to be a "FREE" game. Oh, you can still play "FREE", but the experience could not be enjoyable. "You need 50,000 for the level house".. ok, thats 2 months away! Ok.. not that bad, but close!

    It is insulting as a player who used houses to earn money quickly. i am currently sitting on 20 MILLION dollars worth of homes... my goal was to have a cash flow so i could afford what the game DEMANDED in the form of tasks (lv 50 has a 1,000,000 home... how do they recommend a person get that? im level 49 and if i didnt have my cashflow homes, that would be a 6 week project.. for ONE item!)

    i know their goal is to increase premium sales, but not from me. simpsons is dead, as far as im concerned. Obviously,, their house farming was such a problem because of the large display of objection.. i havent seen much.. so was it a problem? i have 100+ friends in game and only a few have, what would be called farms. it is insulting as an intellectual player that this has happened. If i could take legal action, i would (its their game and they can do what they want to it). i couldnt even post a warning on the app store! apple rejected my name 10 times...

    good job ea..
  • ndeeka
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    edited April 2015
    Keep calm and read this post http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/10322381.page#34806278

    You bought low, now it's time to (partially) sell high and get you money back.
  • silentrain19
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    edited April 2015
    lvl 30 and got about 250 blue house- i should sell all or keep it to gain xp, i dont know how long i could lvl up to 50 ...
  • ndeeka
    440 posts
    edited April 2015
    lvl 30 and got about 250 blue house- i should sell all or keep it to gain xp, i dont know how long i could lvl up to 50 ...
    Selling doesn't give XP and XP is needed to move up in levels.

    It really depends on how often you play too move forward. I started playing in August 2014 and am level 50 since it arrived a few weeks ago (I think that's quick, but it must be said: I have no life). :P
  • wadebear
    4183 posts Member
    edited April 2015
    lvl 30 and got about 250 blue house- i should sell all or keep it to gain xp, i dont know how long i could lvl up to 50 ...
    I'd say keep them for now. I started in October 2014 (actually some time before that but only played a little) and I'm at level 50 also. That XP from houses really adds up. And you'll need the income as well to buy the buildings - the prices increase dramatically with the higher levels. It took me over a week to build up enough cash to buy the level 49 and 50 buildings.

    Plus once you get to the current highest level your XP starts going toward earning bonus donuts.
  • tsukinobik432
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    edited April 2015
    my first post. just spent some time with EA and it seems there is no info on this.

    i bought blue houses this morning for 1800, the usual price. I have about 180 or so place already. i have 170 white houses placed. After update, i was going to add some more whites to prepare for my level 50 run next week, only to find my white house is 192000 EACH and blues are 216000. even browns, which i only have 4 are 600 each.. and kwiki marts are a steal at 220

    is anyone else seeing this? is this an april fools joke? its not funny.. i need to fill up a parcel of land and at 192k each.. well, thats heart breaking!

    thanks for any info. and especially, thanks to the advisor at EA for the help. it cant be easy dealing with updates

    I noticed the same thing last night as well. ?
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