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Wait what?

Are you looking for a yes, or a no?

Does it matter?

Why would you put such a vague title to a rhetorical question?

Are you just thinking out loud?

Does this reply seem useless?

Wait, what??



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    Yes, exactly.

    No really. I have read all this * from people * and moaning about people farming inexpensive buildings and how ugly it is and how it's not fair that one guy plays without building a hundred brown houses and other people do and make all kinds of money five minutes at a time.

    Now that I think about it, I like it. Looks like a big "* you" from EA to the people that think they can tell others how to play. You go EA.
  • 4junk3000
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    I'm going to assume English is not your first language, as I can't understand your posts.

    Are you happy?

    Are you unhappy?

    Are you just complaining about other complainers?

    Does it matter what EA charges for houses since it's in game money and not real money?

    Do people have hangups over being told how to play their game?

    Is anyone actually telling anyone anything?

    Wait, what???

    All my designs look unfinished because i can't place as many plants, streetlights, and fences as i would like. PLEASE REMOVE THE LIMIT, EA!
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    That is many questions.

    English is my only language. That was filled with many a cuss word that magically became *'s.

    Personally I am happy about it. My consumerism stat was very low. Hopefully my twelve new kwik-e-marts will help to change that.

    As far as your other questions; I have no idea, I honestly didn't expect anyone to reply.
  • miraclemet
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    the question is: are they cheap for people who have multiples of them already?

    Maybe they included it in their farm algorithm like the houses and once you start adding Quick-E-Marts the price starts to skyrocket, same as the houses....
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    Before the update I had four. When I went to add the post office today they were down to $350. I have built nine since. The next one would cost me $1,500. Have to wait to see if it has any worthy impact on my consumerism before buying anymore.
  • drumnman
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    Sounds like they simply put house prices an a linear scale. No biggie. LPN gave us a heads up and I placed about 50 new blue houses before the update.
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    The price of houses has certainly skyrocketed. Which is interesting. Now that I have a few new characters and businesses I have been selling off the brown house farm. The brown house I bought for $350 each now sell for $4,500 and my purple ones at $54,000.
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