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donut cheats as of april 2015

No and if there is you can be banned for doing them. But they just gave us 20 free doughnuts for Easter and there is plenty of ways to earn free doughnuts in game. Also in before the lock.


  • Wijsheid
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    edited April 2015
    Just buy donuts and if you can't: work harder or go back in time and do better in school
  • miraclemet
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    edited April 2015
    best cheat there is.... play the game and play it often...

    1) get 100 neighbors and max out your FP (Friend Points) and then you'll start getting doughnuts when you visit your friends.
    2) level up and you'll get 1 or 2 doughnuts every time!
    3) play all the events hardcore, most big events have opportunities for lots of doughnuts if you play hard (check in every 4 hours and work hard to push through the event)

    Im a fremium only player and I've probably gotten 250+ doughnuts on my way to level 50 since I started about 6 months ago.

    there's your cheat.
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