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Add Me Thread Terwilliger Clan Event


  • charliej78
    13 posts
    edited April 2015
    Please add me charliej78. Have just deleted a heap of old friends and need lots of new ones :-)
  • behdez3
    7 posts
    edited April 2015
    Origin ID: behdez3

    Hey guys! Help a girl out by adding me! I need friends to replace all the inactive accounts. Daily player. Maxed level! Let's craft those items faster!

    Origin ID : behdez3

    :-) :D:):mrgreen:
  • _marckramer17
    23 posts
    edited April 2015
    hey everyone!
    so i cleaned out a lot of inactive people :/

    add me:
  • bewley562
    10 posts
    edited April 2015
    hi peeps, need some friends, i think most of my neighbours have died :( i'm so lonely! Lvl 51 player, play every day
  • igio24
    4 posts
    edited April 2015
    Add me igio24
    Daily player lvl 51 need active friend
  • tlainey
    21 posts
    edited April 2015
    I need people who have been active and will continue to be active. For the moat part I have them, but im needing more.
    Lvl 51
    Played for years.
  • celineyyy
    2 posts
    edited April 2015
    Daily player! I play all throughout the day as well. Level 45 - add me! ID: celineyyy
  • ostergrenS2
    7 posts
    edited April 2015
    Lvl 43 ostergrenS2

    Looking for new neighbors
  • diablo8000
    18 posts Member
    edited April 2015
    Just cleared out 30 spots. Can't believe people spent all that $$ on premium stuff & abandoned the game! Oh well, add me if you want:
  • joshuaadolph
    35 posts
    edited April 2015
    I need some more friends for this event I'm a level 51 premium player and would like to find others like me
  • HalifaxUndead
    5 posts
    edited April 2015
    Hey guys add me HalifaxUndead. Im a daily player multiple times and level 41
  • dtj507
    98 posts Member
    edited April 2015
    Hi. Room for a few more neighbours. I play a few times every day. Visit neighbours daily during events and once or twice a week during non-event times. Add me please....... Dtj507......thanks :)

    Nice response, full for now.... sorry. :(
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  • candaten21
    15 posts
    edited April 2015

    daily player, lvl 51!
  • KristieJ
    6 posts
    edited April 2015

    Level 51

    Sometimes I travel for 3 weeks at a time, but I always come back! :)
  • 91Swimmeralex
    10 posts Member
    edited April 2015
    Level 51. i need active friends. I play every hour.
  • gatorbytes2
    1 posts
    edited April 2015
    level 48- bi hourly player- Gatorbytes2

    Please add me! many spaces available!

  • ghallmark814
    2337 posts Member
    edited April 2015
    Please add ghallmark814
    Level 51 (Premium)
    5 star Springfield
    5 star Krustyland

    I play too much, visit throughout the day, have plenty of seeds to return.

    Need daily players.
  • cattmarp984
    3 posts
    edited April 2015
    Add me at cattmarp984
  • michelle92673
    10 posts
    edited April 2015
    Need some serious daily players only please michelle92673
  • HellFireX77
    5 posts
    edited April 2015
    Add me!! play all the time, lvl 51

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