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Can't use donuts to rush Cecil's last task

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I realize I'm a bit late in replying to this as it's already the next day...

Did you try tracking down the first character you assigned the task to and just speeding them up?


  • bradyc79
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    I am just now following up and reading this post, D'oh!! LOL!! Actually, I checked on it for an hour or so after I posted it and noticed no responses. I did actually as you suggested, wadebear, and rushed only my first character, so I could see what would happen. Fortunately for me, this did work.

    I thought I should do this follow-up post for anyone else encountering the same issue, since these Cecil's tasks last the rest of the event. So, again, to recap. If you have sent more than 1 character on Cecil's daily tasks, and then decide you would like to rush the task, you cannot use the button that's titled "Complete this task now you impatient person?" This will not work properly, or at all. However, if you select the building where the task is taking place, and go to the top character, the initial character assigned to the task, and rush their task only, then it will complete Cecil's task and you will receive the daily reward for only 8 donuts, or whatever the cost is for rushing this character only.
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