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Why have "The Simpsons" created such an influence upon you?

Because Home4


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    I have been watching them for as long as I can remember. They have been part of my entire life so far and considering Fox will be airing episodes until 2082 they will be part of my entire life as well :)
  • tommy1724
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    After a friend tipped me off, I watched an episode of the Tracy Ullman show that had a Simpsons short (the family went on a trip to the zoo). Caught a few more of those, so was ready to jump right on board when the show premiered. Watched it religiously for the first dozen or so seasons, and sporadically since (although more regularly since playing tapped out)

    I think my favourite memory of watching is when I was in first year university. It was the year the show went into syndication, and a decent crowd would gather in the main common room every afternoon to watch. New episodes would pack the room. Good memories!
  • wilki1999
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    I think it was for me, when I discovered tapped out. Before that, I'd have said that I liked the Simpsons, but as I got the game, I wanted to watch more episodes. Then I really enjoyed them so much that i decided to do my whole Gifted and Talented project about how they became so succesful.
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