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no longer playable....

Oh and my device is a Nexus 6 (32gb)


  • iliketoannoyyou
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    edited April 2015
  • logank794
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    edited April 2015
    I also use a Nexus 6, and it's been playable but not smooth. My town is moderately large, but I do have a couple of friends with enough items that I would consider it unplayable. Zooming in helps a bit, but not drastically.

    (On the 1920x1080 Moto X performance is perfect.)

    However, I just received a game update (in-game, not through the Play store) and the performance is noticeably better. I wouldn't say it's perfect, but it's certainly comfortable. Thank you, EA!

    iliketoannoyyou, give it another try. Hopefully, it's not simply a fluke.
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