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The return of the "unsocial" social event



  • 22steelpaw
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    edited April 2015
    bradasstv wrote:
    I wish they would start off the rewards low, and increase the more neighbors you visit... thus rewarding people for "being social" and tapping each friend every day. I think starting off high and dwindling to no reward each friend you tap is counter-productive...
    No, I wouldn't care for this. It would give too much of an advantage to the people with 100 neighbours, and tend to lead to those with fewer neighbours becoming discouraged and dropping out. It's a casual game, and if it becomes too much effort then people won't stick with it.
    I like events where you get something from visiting and being visited, but I don't want events where you need to visit 100 neighbours every day in order to gain all the prizes. I've got 50 neighbours because the amount of time it takes to visit them all is about as much as I can stand. If that wasn't enough, I'd think I'd quit. I started playing after Whacking Day, which is probably just as well.
  • baddazoner
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    edited April 2015
    marpr91 wrote:
    I prefer events that don't require neighbor visits because of how tedious it can become. Events like whacking day were very off putting because the focus of the event was just visting neighbors. This isn't really a social game to begin with. Sure you can add neighbors and tap on houses for currency but that's it's. You can't message or do anything social really.

    agreed this isn't a social game Neighbours are only there so you can get things faster

    this is why people remove you if you are not active for a while because you are no longer useful to them
  • chrisgyo
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    edited April 2015
    i couldn't be happier

    visiting neighbours is way too time consuming...events demand enough time as it is
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