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Not enough seeds for friends

The drop rate for seeds in this event is nothing short of appalling, you are lucky to get 5 seeds a day so you are not on your own with this problem.


  • NeoSEC28
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    edited April 2015
    I agree the amount you get is quite shocking :( Personally i think that is why the 25 seeds is worth 10donuts to get people to drop their money on buying then!

    I have a couple of neighbours that are dropping seeds/mutants things in my town constantly! They send anywhere from 5-10 at a time :shock: so without paying for the seeds via donuts i dont see how people can do it.
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  • spidersmakegravy
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    edited April 2015

    I agree that the drop rate is fairly shoddy, but presumably that's deliberate so that if you're a nice person who cares about sharing the spoils amongst all your neighbours you'll spend some dosh on donuts to make that happen. As I don't have a conscience, I'll not be buying any :twisted:

    Saying that, the ones I do get, I generally give to neighbours who seem to be a long way behind in the shovel count - lots of them have only just updated, so I figure that every little helps. See, I'm not such a bad person :wink:
  • devilhunt1449
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    edited April 2015
    You are probably quite correct with the idea that the seeds at 10 donuts has been priced low to get players to buy them, in fact I've bought some myself due to getting some bonus donuts in the new mystery box, but still feel that the drop rate for seeds could do with a bit of a tweak as it's very low.
  • fuzznugget77
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    edited April 2015
    Yeah it is a bit rubbish, if your going to pay for seeds it's possibly just worth buying fertiliser and corn straight up?
  • spidersmakegravy
    726 posts Member
    edited April 2015

    I actually did wonder if they had tweaked the drop rate..... Yesterday I got 5 during my first morning round of squishing and a fair few more during the rest of the day (didn't think to count - sorry!) but don't get too excited, as all seems to have returned to normal (ie. Crap) today :(
  • ShadyLady876
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    edited April 2015
    With the 50 free seeds rewards and those awarded from taps, I've done a complete drop, one each, for all my friends (60 odd) and am nearly halfway through another
    Slow going.

    Once I reach the end I will be focusing on mainly giving to those who have returned.

    This event is reminding me of the Halloween UFO ammo debacle,, it was as scarce for me then and I didn't get the donut prize once either!
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