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Update over cellular!!

Aaarrrggg! 6 hour then 2 hour. I hated having to stay up 90 extra minutes to complete my tasks yesterday. Can't we just have one day that's not over 12 hours long?? 14 hours is ridiculous! Where are the one our tasks?


  • izabellatrix
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    I was actually just thinking about this. I normally stay up well past midnight, so I can usually get two tasks out of the way before going to bed, the third one goes while I'm sleeping, then I finish the fourth one during the day. I really wonder how people who have a normal sleep/work schedule do it though. Like if you go to bed at 10 PM, you can't get anything done until say 6-8 AM the next day, then that only leaves you 16-18 hours to get them done instead of 24. As it is, I've missed the fourth prize at least twice because they throw that 6 hour task in.
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  • Chivalrous42
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    This morning I was smart enough to check for an update before leaving my house (for a change). There was one. Done!

    Now a little over 5 hours later it's doing another one. And my 3G is actually faster than the Wifi where I am. Luckily I have an unlimited plan, but still... ugh. :evil:
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