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Mansarno License Not Giving Spades

I have 2 accounts, and 2 games. One is on an iPad3, and the other on a G4. I have been playing on the iPad3 since April 2012, the Samsung G4 since Oct 2013.

I bought the licenses for both accounts. The G4 initially worked perfectly, collecting as supposed to.

The iPad3 never worked. After checking the storage box sections on BOTH accounts looking for the license, determined it is not anything that appears, anywhere.

Next I rebooted my iPad3. Nothing. Uninstalled, rebooted, re-installed. Nothing.

I contacted EA support, chatted with Abhay about the issue. I was refunded the 90 donuts, however, the license is no longer in the store, so cannot purchase it!!!

I was told by Abhay to come on here as that is the best way for the developers to see there is an issue and get it fixed.

Last night my G4 stopped reaping the spades. AND when I went back to my town, the upgrade (saw and hammer icon) wouldnt leave my mansarno building, even though I had leveled up to 7 on both devices the day before. That issue resulted in a chat with a Tanusree who was working on EA help chat and also is the stupidest person I have had the misfortune to chat with on the EA help chat.

So, I am here, posting about this issue. I am going to go to the EA and tell them it has stopped working on the G4 now!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

I repeated the entire, cold reboot, uninstall, cold reboot, and reinstall on the G4 twice. Nothing changed, other than now have 2 devices with the License NOT working. One donuts refunded, the other donuts gone and NO working License.

The Mansarno upgrade available issue was fixed this afternoon.
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