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Important info for those who visit friends

So, after another day of no donuts from 103 friends, I asked EA. You guys better get ready for this game to be TOTALLY UNSOCIAL!

First, the EA agent told me that MUTANT PLANTS DO NOT DROP DONUTS! This means that once you have gotten your 90 spades, it is USELESS to continue on, unless you are going for money.

Second, and the very worst news, I asked if, when the event is over, will things return to normal, and the agent said that "Yes, once the event is over there's a possibility that you won't be able to receive donuts anymore." So, in this one event, EA has made the friends aspect of this game USELESS...

i hope this isnt true, but i asked for clarification from the agent several times (in fact, i am on with them now) and every time they reiterated that this is possible.
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