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Stuck on Quest - Terwilliger Event

Yes, it's a known issue....unfortunately there's no workaround.....more here :



  • wadebear
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    How many donuts do you have? How many can you afford to buy?

    There's a petition further down the list of messages to modify the event so that new players can progress without having Mrs. Krabapple. You should sign it.

    I started just before the last Halloween event with Lisa as my only character who could do the Event task Trick-or-Treat to earn event currency. I bought a bunch of donuts and used them to buy every kid available.

    However: If you work at it hard you might just make it without spending any donuts. It takes perseverance (and getting up in the middle of the night a few times), but you can blast through the levels quickly if you try. You've still got a week.

    I started my secondary game (by accident and decided to continue playing "just to see") about a week into the Halloween event. I was able to finish the event, I just didn't get all the crafting prizes.
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