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Hoarding seedlings?

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There's actually already a thread on this but it had been bumped back quite a few pages so you'll have easily missed it.

Hope it helps :D



  • kcm0984
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    edited May 2015
    Thanks - I did a search using 'seedlings' but didn't see that thread.

    Appreciate it!

  • tracydudge118
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    edited May 2015
    I'm not saving for any special reason but I can see how it would appear that way to my neighbors as I have about 65 right now. I'm not trying to be rude I just wanted to make sure that when a neighbor leaves seeds for me that I have some to give back to them.
  • duncanbrow162
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    I have some neighbours with 200+ seeds.
  • Ningyo42
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    edited May 2015
    I try to remember to seed people back when they seed me, and I mostly remember. :)

    I had 58 today, so I (more or less) seeded every other town, then went back and got some people I missed. I don't know why they'd be hoarded, but maybe they want to make a big splash at some point?
  • pichu2727
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    edited May 2015
    Hi OP, Sorry I don't know how to add the link. However, there is also a thread (currently on page 4) that describes a bug where the mutant seeds may not be received when a neighbor sends them. (Mutant seeds may not be received). Perhaps you are also experiencing this bug. Could explain why you aren't seeing them reciprocated. Just a guess. Hope it is helpful.
    Please PM first.
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