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Can we STOP these 'To the neighbours of' threads

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If you are this bothered by these threads, maybe it's you who should stop. It's really not that bad. Sure, it could be in another section, but sometimes neighbors remove players who are gone for a bit, and no one wants that, especially if they can't help it.

Chill dawg, chill.


  • barryriddl474
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    edited June 2015
  • glenjamin
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    edited June 2015
    He's right!! Who honestly cares if somebody has gone on holiday or has a doctor's appointment?? So what if you're not going to be able to visit your neighbour's town. Hardly worth spamming the forum for.
  • LPNintendoITA
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    well with this in the first page i can imagine he's a little angry at that
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  • neuroheart
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    tyleerxo wrote:
    Seriously!! These threads need to stop!! NOBODY cares if you are going on holiday, ill, busy, have no wifi or whatever the reason is.
    I care.

    Locking for callout and general negativity. Take a break from the forum if this is so irritating to you; nothing's going on with the game right now anyway.
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