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About Santa's Little Helper

Who knows what goes through the minds at EA and Gracie Films. They might make him a playable character in the future but for now he's like the Bart Raven and the I shouldn't have bought him Burns Frog and Funzo we had to get. He walks around effecting nothing in the game.


  • Phinbart
    128 posts
    edited January 2013
    My ideas for Santa's Little Helper's tasks:
    45s - Bark at Postman (in Simpson House)
    10m - Go for a Checkup (in new building - Springfield Animal Hospital)
    60m - Chase Tail
    2h - Have a Nap (in Simpson House)
    4h - Chew on Homer's Shoes (in Simpson House)
    6h - Dig for Bones (at the front of the Purple House)
    8h - Race at the Track (in Springfield Downs)
    12h - Be a Sniffer Dog
    24h - Sire Puppies
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