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should Neighbour Donuts be obtainable for those without all the Friend point prizes?



  • anna22478
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    edited June 2015
    skidder4 wrote:
    I say no.

    I installed this a while ago, lost interest, then tapped on the icon one day when I was bored and... oh, this is actually a good game.

    I really enjoy the challenge of trying to make up for the lost time. During the Terwilliger's event (when I started playing for real), I didn't have anywhere near enough characters to get most of the stuff people were talking about, but I got a couple 'souvenirs' and I'm good with that.

    My quest lines are in no discernible order, but it simply adds to the enjoyment for me. I'm on level 25, quest-wise, somewhere in the 21 range, although I keep getting quests out of the blue that are not mentioned on any site for my level. This actually keeps it fun, because I am exactly the type of person who would look all this stuff up in the first place.

    These 'neighbor donuts' I kept reading about, I did wonder why I was not getting any. It was actually only a couple of days ago when I figured out, it requires that Canyonero. And... that's a good thing. If it all came easy, I would probably drop the game.

    I simply joined at a different time, with different challenges. I can't house farm for cheap, but I have access to several years of data that allows me to skip a lot of the 'trial and error'. That's one trade-off, I'm sure there are many others.

    Sure, my goal of 'get to the end' is probably a long time away, but... I'm down for the ride. I don't want 'easy', I want something to work towards.

    Welcome back to the game & to the forum. The non level quests might be from Valentines or Saint Patricks if you played those mini events. I started a second game with no neighbours & completely freemium to see how different it would be from my main town that I'm on top level with & because i don't play it often (which is why no neighbours) I'm still getting Saint Patricks quests.
  • mathumster385
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    edited June 2015
    I would also say no. I played for over two weeks after I'd maxed out FP without knowing bonuts were a possibility. I just did it for the ingame cash which was desperately needed and the feeling of being a good neighbor. I typically mute my game and used to speed through visits. It wasn't until I read a forum post, asked a question, and got a detailed response from wadebear that I even knew there were donut rewards.
  • izabellatrix
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    skidder4 wrote:
    If it all came easy, I would probably drop the game.

    ^^ This!
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  • Isotapper
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    edited June 2015
    I also voted no. I am a long time player but I choose not to have 100 friends in my main town. I got all of the friendship prizes a while ago, and when a new one comes along I finish that fairly quickly as well. I see bonus donuts occasionally, but they are a nice suprise- I am certainly not grinding for them. I also have fremium towns with 3-4 friends that I started later. I am still working on the friendship prize line there. I will finish when I finish. Then I will find a few donuts until the next friendship prize is released.
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