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When exactly do Santa coins disappear?

hellsb19 wrote:
Just wondering when Santa coins disappear? I know it's 3rd jan, but does that mean at midnight at the end of the 2nd? Or midnight on 3rd or, is it at another time zone's time?? I'm in the UK

Really want to get santas little helper before Santa coins disappear!

May as well do a shameless plug for more friends while I'm at it.. Hellsb19

I herd they are extending it on TSTO Facebook page didn't say how long for just that it was going to be extended.


  • Chibihalo
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    edited January 2013
    First off, we're not sure the third is going to be the next date for an update of that magnitude. Rumor has it they extended the event but no new date was ever given. Then there's all kinds of rumors about special stockings floating around and the third being the date for that to come about. However, when EA does decide to remove them they'll do it one of two ways. They could make it Time Zone sensitive and have the update ready to download at midnight local time. Or, they could just have it come out for everyone at the same time so it'll be there when you log into the game no matter what your time is. I do think lately to stop people from advancing the date and time on their iDevices they've been making the updates download at the same time for everyone.

    So yeah, the when is a complete unknown right now from the date to the time it'll happen.
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