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Collecting data on friends actions

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I think nothing, looks the same payout (hope I see wrong) , but the 3 actions are useless to battle you do 1 battle and they have to rest 4 h :roll:

You cant earn/win the cure for letting resting stop :roll:


  • casby
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    edited June 2015
    other things I noticed:
    fans spawn on roads, town is now centered on the tap ball lot (ie please have a road near your tap ball lot to help neighbors find fans (although with the payout differential I don't know if it's worth the eyestrain of trying to find the fans for me they blend in too much)

    eta: I mean I don't know that the payout gained from finding the fans in neighbors towns (1 foam finger each, 3 per town) is worth the hassle of looking when the town fans payout 10 each
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