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Selling your Springfield?

Absolutely not allowed, review terms of service and you'll find it there. Can't transfer or allow login to someone else.


  • annettemarc
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    edited June 2015
    jonjamesp wrote:
    Hey just wondered if anyone has ever done this or seen it done? I don't know if it's an allowed thing but just curious! I've been an obsessive premium player since October 2012 and have completed all events to date and bought all limited edition items. So although my Springfield is not particularly well designed as I've been more about collecting than design, it's probably a great Springfield for someone if they wanted it.

    Is this allowed? Sorry for posting if not! But if it is and you're interested PM me and we'll discuss.

    No you can't. In fact, according to the Terms of Service, you can't even give it away! You can't allow anyone else to even sign into it.

    I was hoping to give away a town, and can't even mention it here on the forum. Even to invite people to PM me about it is against the stupid rules. t. :(
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