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Juice overboost?

You can seemingly boost a 5* to have a purple "last star". That would give you the win.


Keep in mind, though, that it costs up to 1119 tickets (for a 0.5* player) to boost all the way to 5*. So you'd need to spend around 4k-4.5k of tickets to get a 5* team. Not everyone (especially the casual player) will get that done, so I;d expect there'd still be some variety of rankings for you to choose from.

Edit: Also, "losing strategy" is only more profitable if you're a 2* team (for foam fingers) or 3* (for tickets).
If you can beat a side >3*, you're better to win than lose (for both currency types).


  • TT_Degnan
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    edited June 2015
    Cheers, nice explanation, appreciated :-)
  • mjrukas79
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    edited June 2015
    You can use tonic to "superboost" players. All of my team is 5 stars, and I have defeated a couple of the 5 star "other springfield" teams that are randomly generated by using the tonic. As mentioned above, your stars will turn purple, in essence turning a 5 star player to a 10 star player.
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