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Homer Budha

Last time I got one I got a mystery box and it gave me a $100 tree. I would save your money but I remember someone getting lucky and getting Frink's Lab.


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    Fences... Lots of white fences!
  • mellytan
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    I shake my fist at homer Buddha. It brought me nothing but anger. BUT I did choose to gamble my donuts on it, which kinda makes me an idiot. :(

    Well, you can get anything. From something like a tree to a premium item like SVT. It works like the mystery box. It promises premium items only. BUT since the mystery box is a premium item, you can get that from the Homer Buddha. Which in turn might give you a tree, shrub, etc.
  • SlinkyBeads
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    Honestly I wouldn't waste your donuts, the best thing I have got from a Homer Buddha was a burning bush (worth 20 donuts) my worst gave me a mystery box and inside that mystery box was a NEWS PAPER DISPENSER.

    Needless to say I have not used 15 donuts on one since!
  • ThomasK323
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    Anything from a worthless mystery box to 150 donuts.
  • Simpsons00001
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    These are the ones I remember (not all from primary account): Squeaky Voice Teen, Lard Lad Donuts, 3 white fences, Apple tree, Tree Swing. Definitely a risk, but if you don't have any premium items, there's a chance you could get paid off. It just depends on whether or not you have a gambling mindset, and if you can accept winning something that costs less than the 15 donuts for the Buddha.

    Edited to add: I would protest if I got a Mystery Box. The Buddha states you get a premium "item" in every box. I guess the Mystery Box costs donuts, so it's technically premium. But it does not actually give you a premium "item", it gives you another (smaller) CHANCE at a premium item. That is awful, and I'm sorry to those that got them.
  • acheeanthony
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    The only thing I ever really got from it were a bunch of white fences.
  • doctoru2
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    I think I have all of this topped. I didn't know what the Homer Buddha did, so I bought it. And I got a mystery box. What? So I clicked on that. And I got another Homer Buddha! This keeps going. So I clicked on Homer Buddha again. Yep, another mystery box. Finally, that click yielded me something banal (I think some fences).

    I haven't bought another Homer Buddha since. :lol:
  • PlacentaSandwich
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    Well, I think I'll not buy it.
  • mp_1211
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    I got Frinks lab from it but since then all I've had us white fences or a bush. I think I was just very lucky getting frinks lab, I still think they are a waste of doughnuts!
  • melodyhodge
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    Fences... Lots of white fences!

    Hey, hey don't bag on white fences, I love 'em :mrgreen:
  • A_Bad_Exampl3
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    Fences... Lots of white fences!

    I thought that was the Mystery Box. 23 white fences, no donuts spent.
  • sackexchange
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    I only used it once and got 60 donuts.
  • GKpiggy
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    I was missing the misery box (I know, I know) so bought a Buddha. Got, surprise, a misery box. And from that I got a Lemon Tree, so pretty happy overall :)
  • Calerock
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    All I ever got was burning bushesX3, white fenceX5,garbage bin, apple tree, orange tree, and a mystery box with a lemon tree inside.
  • childeharr
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    Hottest new sensation in Springfield: wasting money!
  • childeharr
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  • HWolff
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    I got the Lemon Tree... Sweet Sweet Lemonade Yum!
  • lollytroll
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    Been wasting my free donuts on these have 30 white fences, 7 orange trees and 6 apples trees. Kinda wish I just bought a character but I am a sucker for the gamble
  • NeoSEC28
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    childeharr wrote:


    Re posted for you
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  • glennsoe
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    I don't have the Homer Budah, How many times does it give out Premier items?

    Is it once pr buy?
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