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Before you post a request here, make sure you have the task to buy a ball. If you have the 500 to buy the ball that is your best option to get into the ball dropping and to get a shot at the community prizes. If you do not have the 500, and won't get it soon, come here. Once you drop a ball in some town, the quest will clear.

I thought it might be beneficial to have a thread where people could request that a ball be dropped on them. Then when/if someone answers that request, the person answering would post here that they have that request, and the rest of the conversation would go on in PM.

Of course you will have to become temporary neighbors, if not already neighbors.

We've had this sort of thread before and it really helps.

By the way, it may take several ball drops before you get one when you tap on it. If you can, pay it forward, by returning to this thread to pick up a new request. You can even use the ball you just got.

The logic behind this thread is in my second post.

[Edit: If you have the 500, buy the ball. People dropping one on you is just a 1/5 chance that you will get the ball you need.]
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