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Team Level

Just from personal experience (don't know what the code says) playing against other towns, I suspect it's as follows:
How is the star rating of your team determined when others challenge you?
I see a player's rating as (for example) 3.5* in my "friend players" list. They then have a mix of that ranking + 4* players (sometimes 3x 4* and only 1x 3.5*). I'd guess that the "ranking" is based on the lowest of your character levels (or close enough to it, eg. weighted average).
Is it only based on your 4 strongest players, or are your players randomly chosen and averaged?
Those players in other towns rotate, so I'm guessing it's a random selection. Sometimes I'll get a side with higher-ranked opponents than what I expected (but still only give a payout of their * ranking), and sometimes it's all according to their level.

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