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One thing I would have done different

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  • henpot7514
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    rolybert7 wrote:
    The one thing I would have changed in the event would be to not see what my opponent level is! IMO it would have made the games more exciting!!

    Every time I play random I already know the outcome before the match is played!

    That could've been quite hairy!
  • starstrucsims
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    edited July 2015
    I agree the game play for Tap Ball is predictable and boring. There should've been some sort of wild card thrown in there that would liven things up. As it is, it doesn't even really matter if you win or lose, aside from the days you need to win X number of games for the daily goal, or apart from just getting a couple extra or less amateur bucks here and there. But actually playing Tap Ball, which is supposed to be the main thing in the event, just doesn't feel important. I feel like I could just not play the games and get through the event just fine. To me, the most boring event that I've participated in.
  • meinaz
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    I think they could have had percentage chance of winning based on the star values, so a one star team could beat a 5 star team but it would have been very unlikely. I think it would still make it interesting without penalizing the teams with higher stars too much.
  • imurhklbry
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    rolybert7 wrote:

    Every time I play random I already know the outcome before the match is played!

    I'm not sure what you mean. The stars under the level when you do a random match refers to the player's conform-o-meter, not their team. You still have to click the flag and start the match to see what their team is. Trust me. I've been disappointed many a time to get a 5 star town with a 3 star team.

    Or do you mean seeing the stars the players have once they've lined up to play? You need to see that to know if you need to juice or not.
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