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Would llike to see the crafting cost of the 'Oscar' tweaked slightly

As said above I would like to see the crafting cost of the Oscar resource tweaked down slightly to only use 1 Pill in its construction, rather than the 2 it uses at the moment, as it is the only craftable that actually outstrips the production rate of the raw elements it uses.

I know its not a race and its supposed to be a long haul project but it seems just slightly out of wack that of the 6 it is the only one that uses more of 1 resource to produce itself, at a rate faster than you can make that resource.

Dropping the use requirement down to 1 wouldn't make it a cake walk to get things done but it would allow you to have a small excess in production over usage, which you could over time, put towards buying land or upgrading whichever buildings you desired.

From the look of it, the resources needed to buy land is very soon gonna become solely Oscars, so with the current Oscar build requirements, it's gonna be a very long process, even if ya want to sit and babysit the game 24/7.

Exactly what I've been thinking!! It's by no means the end of the world, but just a bit of common sense, it's odd as you say that this abnormality only happens once. Even between the pills and yoga mats, you're only up one yoga mat, so it's very slow, but at least it does go up.


  • MarkNMo
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    edited July 2015
    I completely agree. I made the mistake of building the Heights Theater before maxing out my Pharmaceuticals pill supply, and now I'm running completely out of pills, which is preventing me from making new Oscars quickly and also preventing me from finishing any upgrades or land purchases that require either Oscars or pills. It's making this final leg of upgrades and land purchasing a real chore.
  • southernsontn
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    edited July 2015
    It's all about allocating resources where they are needed. I focused on producing those resources that I needed to complete the main story jobs. In that regard, there is surprisingly little that you actually need the awards for (at least at the stage that I'm at with 75 million RP). Once I completed the main quests, I began focusing on the buildings. I bought just enough land to pack the buildings in like sardines, so that I could get the RP. The only quests I have left now are the ones focused on upgrading a modern mansion and a parking garage. I'm working on them a little at a time as I build was I need to buy land.

    As it stands right now, I keep my chair, coffee, and phone inventories full, and I'm focusing more on Yoga mats than anything. once I have all of the land bought that requires yoga mats (one more piece to go), I'm going to focus on pill production, until I get all of that land bought as well. build up an inventory of those things and then focus on trophy production.

    If you try to do everything at once, you'll get nothing done. If you focus on what is necessary, you'll be in a much better position to do everything else once the core work is done...
  • larsyuipo
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    edited July 2015
    you can stop producing oscars for a little while and get more pills.
  • chamcd
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    Luckily, I have Bumblebee Man who gets 2 oscars. He's the only character I have collecting oscars. I can also only collext 50 oscars max. It takes a while to get oscar but I can get a descent amount of pills at the same time.
  • AOFIGO009
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    edited July 2015
    larsyuipo wrote:
    you can stop producing oscars for a little while and get more pills.

    That's true, and it's what I do, we're just talking what if. As I said, with the yoga mats to pills ratio, you only get one yoga mat in profit, I'd like to see that with the pills to oscars, that way the economics of it all works out, and yet it's very small margins, so it's still a hard slog, just as EA probably want!

    Stop ruining our "what if" with sensible logic!! ;)
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