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Your land has encountered an error. Contact Support

MacJiggles wrote:
"Your land has encountered an error. Contact Support." When I did, they said, we are getting some of those, and are working on it" And to please wait (this was 4 days ago...

If you have this error... Please join the conversation here:

Has anyone else gotten their other login errors or glitches corrected since the update? I'm just curious.

Also it has been 6 days since I have been able to be "sky finger" and I'm feining

Best of luck with your issue and you get extra points for saying "feining" :-)


  • southernsontn
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    edited July 2015
    Mine has had a weird thing where it keeps trying to start me back at level one, opening animation and all. I'm logged in, and it clearly shows my actual level, but it's trying to make me restart everything. The only thing that helps is deleting and re-installing the game... I've had to do that three times since the update that removed tapball.
  • MacJiggles
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    edited July 2015
    Thanks @jukan00

    And @southernsontn - Yeah I tried that last week, but maybe I'll try it tmw... I feel like if EA would just go in and put all in storage, and that would fix the problem, I'd be okay with that if it would let me back in the game again...
  • MacJiggles
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    edited August 2015
    [Final update]

    So now I can get back into the game only, its not my springfield
    they basically took a clone of another level 55 Springfield and attached my account to it. I am not going to complain too much because while I did loose a lot of inventory that was in my springfield, I did gain A LOT of stuff that I did not have, so I consider it acceptable as far as Items and characters. What im finding NOT acceptable is that this level 55 that I now have only has, I'd say, 25% of land purchased and the cash in bank as only 2 million (keep in mind I had over 700,000 million before )

    and even worse, I do have almost all items (including premium) and characters, but I have to run through over 50% of ALL quests in the game. this during a time when all I want to do is build up springfield heights and Monorail. EA sure knows how to encapsulate and serve up a nice plate of "bitter-sweet resolution"

    Now, your mileage may very, because I have read on some forums and heard from some friends that had this issue that some customer support techs are going in to individuals' games and repairing/sending all to inventory (nuke)

    My only advice is to be patient, persistent, and consistent with your interactions... I didnt take the phone option but I'd love to hear if that yields any better results.

    Good luck and PM me if you have any other questions

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