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Am I a lucky one?

I've experienced one glitch where my rents wouldn't "collect" last week, but I sent in one of EA's survey/feedback forms detailing the situation and it was fixed the next day.

I'm playing from Canada on level 16 and other than that one issue, I have been for the most part, quite satisfied.
Yes, there a few things that I would change/fix... but nowhere near the amount of frustration that I have heard/read.

So "yes"... I too consider myself lucky too!



  • mwwade82
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    edited March 2012
    I'm in NY USA and not had one issue. I play on both my iPad and iPhone 4s. I'm at level 12 as well, and I never got asked to rebuild Kwik-e-Mart either.

    I guess we're fortunate. I may not be able to visit other Springfields, but mine is looking quite nice.

    I just want a lemon tree..... :D
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