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Town is a mess

I once tried to rebuild my town in small sections and it just didn't work out. I spent hours and hours and ended up nuking it anyway.

About nuking: it was completely worth it. In the end I had plenty more free land, and got rid of some buildings I no longer needed for the Consumerism bonus (I originally had built a bunch of quick-e-marts and discovered I no longer needed most of them)

When I nuked my town I started by just drawing out some main roads and rivers to divide out some areas: a couple of "residential" areas, a 'nice' business/entertainment area, a scuzzy downtown area, a wooded / mountainous area and so on. I spread things like restaurants etc throughout. It even gave me a chance to setup "the North Pole" with my Chirstmas items, etc. All in all it took alot less time to put together than my attempt at manually redesigning (at least the main buildings and roads-- decorating was extra) but it was completely worth it.

When I was done rebuilding it (making sure there was plenty of free space in each area for future similar or suitable buildings) I filled the rest of the space with houses, Krusty Burgers etc-- things that are duplicates that I can easily sell when new content comes out

If you're wanting to Nuke - we're not in an event and I don't think we'll have a new event for a while with the SH update so it's the best time to go! You can even nuke your main town and rebuild it slowly as you grind or work on SH


  • PiperWyatt
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    Also, when i nuked, i made sure to being out all THE buildings i owned and items that give bonusses to still gainthe money from it. THE buildings you being out first, those characters Will appear first on the list: i made sure Database game before Nelson for their joined 8hr task which i would otherwise mostly miss because of my haste.
  • JimJ321
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    My only advice is to listen to your heart tapper...it will always lead you to the right answer
  • yukongirl123
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    Jim gives good advice....
  • annettemarc
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    Either way, if you're going to do major renovation, remember that Springfield goes white with snow in the "wintertime" ... it's really hard to decorate when the whole town is white and the trees are dead and the bushes are under burlap sacks. You can't tell which is which. At least, that's my experience.

    But back to your question:
    I dread the thought of doing, by hand, what I plan to do in my mansion area, now that I want to move much of it to SH. But that's the only area I want to change, so I'll probably not nuke.

    If you DO change your mind and decide to 'nuke', and if you happen to have any garbage available, I'd put little clusters of garbage before I nuke, in general zones in your town. After a 'nuke' your pieces of garbage are right where you left them before you pushed that button.

    In hindsight, I wish I had done that. After a "nuke", you're left with just a vast green expanse, which is awesome to start over, BUT I found it REALLY HARD to get my bearings. I was totally disoriented, especially since I had so much land to scroll past. If I had ANY kind of distinct marker telling me which "zone" I was in, I would have at least known where to set down my categories of buildings.

    Next time, I'll put, say, a cluster of a specific kind of garbage in each "zone" to act as a marker. (Orange barrels in the factory area, broken windows in the downtown area, white barrels in the civic area, etc.) Then when I start bringing the buildings out of storage, I'd have a VAGUE idea of what goes where.

    The other things that stay put are Simpson house, Krustyland shuttle and lemon tree. There might be more, but those are the ones I can think of.
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  • brogames111
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    JimJ321 wrote:
    My only advice is to listen to your heart tapper...it will always lead you to the right answer
    I love Jim! :thumbup:
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