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Add-Me Thread - Monorail Event


  • jdicton990
    5 posts
    edited August 2015
  • cjdawtcom3x
    55 posts Member
    edited August 2015
    ADD ME GUYS JUST DELETED INACTIVE FRIENDS, daily player level 56 visit all neighbors

  • RevUpNL
    4 posts
    edited August 2015
    I have still a few spots left so keeep on adding me : revupnl

    Also my mother is an active player: creabea67 ill ask her to remove a few non active if see is out of room

  • Jon_Archer
    4 posts
    edited August 2015

    I click on all neighbors.
  • abc1177947165
    601 posts
    edited August 2015
    daily active player

    add 00_abc11
    add lilbit2_us27
    add oldschoolr117
    add libit2_us848
  • sagador18
    1 posts
    edited August 2015
    Hi all im Level 56 nd searching for activ players
    Add me : Sagador18
  • pkroxy
    13 posts
    edited August 2015
    add me: pkroxy

    daily player
  • jrit_3
    7 posts
    edited August 2015
    Daily player. Level 56, Billionaire's club. Lots of buildings to dump garbage on to. Also, feel free to take a ride aound my town on my monorail. :)

    Add me, max players only please

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  • Medic9211
    11 posts
    edited August 2015
  • pemberleypark
    27 posts
    edited August 2015
    Please add pemberleypark
  • nicolknappen
    192 posts Member
    edited August 2015
    Daily player? More like hourly player...

    Have some openings... About to purge many of my neighbors who aren't visiting. I've made a list and I'm checking it twice!

    During events I make every effort to visit all my neighbors once day. Looking for same. I want track!

    Looking for tidy Springfields. I'm a proponent of logical, organized Springfields. If yours is a mess, please don't add me. If you think yours is gorgeous, add me, I'd like to see it. Willing to accept lower level players if they're looking for inspiration. Be warned, I may not keep you more than a few days however.

    I'm level 56, have all land, all water, all SH, and a nice long Monorail that I want to make MUCH LONGER.
  • hot4daryldixon
    355 posts Member
    edited August 2015
    Jumpstreet01. This is my oldest daughters game. I noticed she only has about 10 friends so maybe with some more It will lessen her struggle to get prizes. Thanx!
  • GlacierGal7
    3 posts
    edited August 2015

    I did a clean up of my friends list and am rather low right now. I'm level 55 and play daily.
  • Toxophilyfreak
    23 posts
    edited August 2015
    I am updating friends. LVL 51. Need friends that play daily!!! Add me Toxophilyfreak

  • st33lcas3
    256 posts Member
    edited August 2015
    Been around for a while, play daily, down to 32 friends right now. Need more if I'm going to get anywhere with this monorail update.
  • nastasvictor
    1 posts
    edited August 2015

    Playing daily. Add me please!!
  • slapped-out30
    5 posts
    edited August 2015
    Play every day
    Thank you to all that add me :D
  • M4l1g05
    18 posts Member
    edited August 2015
    add me pls i am m4l1g05 xd, i am playing daily, gmt -5
  • Canadianman20
    2 posts
    edited August 2015

    Add me, daily player. Just cleared out friends list of non actives. Gearing up for halloween!
  • parrkitty
    49 posts Member
    edited August 2015
    Space available for good neighbours! Play everyday all day add parrkitty
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